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so your surveillance appears

But will soon launch the time of deadly blow to the black dress ninja at Nie three Fengs, suddenly see one personal shadow of the window of outside from descend but last of go straight to the above 45 F across, then top spread the screech of six Ping pings.Nie three Fengs are worried about the Andrew Shaw Jersey safety of six Ping pings, immediately pass this black dress ninja.He jumps a window outside and use a dreamlike mansion wall body outside of cave convex rise and fall, quickly climb up to the crest layer.That black dress ninja who once hid a to rob is to follow Nie three Fengs to make track for up.
    Wait until Nie three Fengs climb 45 F of time, see six Ping pings have already been received noodles person by a black dress to grasp on the hand.The her head bottom hangs, a don't know life and death as well on every occasion.
    Nie three Fengs receive noodles Human body to up feel a strong vehemence from that black dress and know this person to is also the superior of inborn state right away, and the super superior of still an inborn highest point, oneself may be his opponent.Just don't know this person is what identity, why want to grasp six Ping pings?
    Nie three Fengs know that oneself isn't a black dress to receive the noodles person's opponent, plus six Ping pings still just the other party hand in, he fears six Ping pings suffer from injury, immediately don't dare rashly.At this time, behind that black dress ninja also made track for to come up, Corey Crawford Jersey he stands on the Nie three Fengs after death, the together black dress receives noodles the person keep consistent, power launch to attack from both flanks to Nie three Fengs, explain that their 2 people is 1.
    Nie three Feng hearts know far from good, he politely says:"This friend, you chase six total how?"
    That black dress receives noodles the person sneered at a , from his voice inside, can discover his young not light.He says in English:"You trust, this woman is beaten by me to faint, and she has no big Ai."
    Nie three Fengs a little bit loosenned Duncan Keith Jersey tone and also hurriedly said in English:"This friend, don't know you why wanted to kidnap our company six total?If you for begging a wealth, so as long as you put six total, you want how much our owners will give yours."
    If that receive noodles person send out a sneer, but don't answer Nie three Fengs and say:"The Yan flies why is not here, did he get there to go?"
    Nie three Fengs say:"Seeing to you comes to seek our owner, Jonathan Toews Jersey however our owner has been already gone out after the afternoon got off work, is not here now.Six always woman, she doesn't know anything and also invited you to put her."
    The black dress receives noodles person to say:"Do not think that to fool me, we have been keeping watch on here, time the awake Yan fly of action, don't discover him to go out at all, he how probably not here?"
    Nie three the Feng hands are one stand, difficult of say:"Our owner is some to appear and disappear mysteriously, sometimes I don't know his where as well, so your surveillance appears to mistake is also unavoidable."
    The black dress receives noodles the person looking at Nie three Fengs, Nie three Fengs have a huge body figure and look still a bit simple and honest, have never thought but is a severe inborn superior.He says:"The Yan flies to please to arrive you the superior like this works oneslf to the bone for him, Kirby Dach Jersey I pour to his impression is have some present new look.However the Yan flies since is not here, so six Ping pings I took.You remember to tell Yan to fly and let him come to seek us within three days and otherwise wait to accept corpse for six Ping pings!"
    Is anxious in Nie three Feng hearts, start procrastinating time, say:"This friend don't know why you wanted to seek Yan to fly,is a Yan to fly to give offense to you?"
    The black dress receives noodles person sneer way:"The persons whom the Yan flies to give offense to much go to, be not only I am 1.To, you don't want to think to procrastinate time.I can tell you, at least at half hour inside, you are what no ones can increase to aid you here.But I am different, we not only two people."
    The black dress received the Patrick Kane Jersey noodles person's words sound to just fall, again jumped up to come to a black dress person from the wall body of dreamlike mansion, this still black towel of black dress person received noodles and could not tell his outlooking.However the vehemence on his body is very strong, a see is a strong inborn superior.

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