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I the body was subjected

"How are you, you are the president of tulip senior high school?I make Liao learn a soldier and come a teacher who accept appointment your school."Old Liao carriage's making it not Kang isn't vulgar.
", That Pleases sit down.Now that you can arrive at here, that explains that you have a certain sincerity, I come first to elaborate the aim of our school and also make you have one understand Bobby Orr Jersey for keeping a view."The old man says:"I Xing Liu, the Tian is president in our school.We the tulip senior high school take orders to teach the aim of teaching the person and transport a talented person for society, from found a school up to now already 17 years, those parasol trees is also what I personally grow on road in the doorway.The students are very very naughty, lovely, also very excellent, all of them are the pillars of societies in future ……"
For the this time words, read through more than 10 years, Liao of book learns soldier's ear familiar can know well, almost each president once says so, and turned over around to have no new meaning, he compensates to say with smile:"President Liu, you say too to."
"But, " president Liu's topic a turn:"This several in the last years social values corrupt, the young man is also subjected to bad influence, don't think enterprising, also set against with school, at under the Brad Marchand Jersey circumstance like this, the teacher who have has no to insist his/her own ideal and gives up this glorious occupation, the resignation left school."
Is originally such, each school has the problem the student, the teacher accepts to can not stand pressure to resign very as usual.
From then on, David Pastrnak Jersey our sieving to the teacher and again education more strict, ability still at secondly, the teacher is virtuous, the most important."
Listenned to this words, Liao learned a soldier very happy, "the ability is of no account" and so forth, oneself has never learned teacher Fan, really test still is really nerve-racking, if say that valuing the teacher of that dimly discernible nihilist is virtuous, pouring can pack ascend a pack."President Liu, I the body was subjected to tradition education since the childhood, from hold one's self, old love young, united colleague, respected a leadership.I think that at your teach under can definitely work well a teacher, the the occupation Patrice Bergeron Jersey with prospect."He seriously says that face up don't take one silk facial expression, seem taking an oath of the meeting ro pledge mass effort top majesty.
"H'm, say quite goodly."President Liu orders:"You also know that the teacher is virtuous don't say to have have, what name do you call?"
"Mr. president, I make Liao learn a soldier."
"Little Liao, I want to see your teacher from the industry qualifications and the resume."
Liao learns an immediately full head of soldier sweat as waterfalls Qing Xie but bottom, "Mr. president, this, this, today to get hurried, forget to take.Rather you let I last several days lesson, Torey Krug Jersey I then give you the qualifications certificate."
President's eyebrows a wrinkly:"Have a class is a serious matter, not ability so child's play!"
"I, I ……" useless talk, does he before and how can thought of when will the teacher so bother?Feeling urgently in character abruption disease that sensitive, emotion, delicate a side made a show of and every where conjectured some kind of, see shine on a crabbed record of writing single scrolls calligraphy of wall, suddenly eyes a bright, say:"The current affairs is boundless, Tuukka Rask Jersey the time stays not to live beauty beautiful face gradually and takes not to go white green jade gold, rich if stone Chong, expensive if Yang Su, the green bead is red to kiss now where?Advise a gentleman to let go of several texts, the Gu a pot of Jie three degree four, while meeting a happiness beard happiness.-Good word, really good word, the silver hangs up iron to row, the character is pure strange!President, the truth says with you, I in fact just finish university, there is no teacher qualifications certificate, however I learned before of is a school of arts, did a language teacher to have much of confidence.

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