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discover that the operation speed

The terrible motion wreaks havoc over there under, pile on the island of get stripe original material have already become a hideous mess, everywhere all BE.There are some original materials still becoming thousand Chuangs 100 bores, looking to be like to suffer can not describe of trample upon similar.
    Those 3 get stripe have to product, Bobby Orr Jersey have already got stripe at this in thoroughly disappear.The Yan flies although know they are affirmative count for much, oneself really don't know how they are important, so also have no to deplore greatly too much.As long as they can let the unmanned machine get stripe, their disappearances have worthy.
    That a lot of gold bricks still left half many appearances with have been already consumed of gold brick the physical volume and the surplus gold brick physical volume carry on an after in brief estimating, the Yan flies a detection to about still leave 1500 ton or so gold.Then he discovers that the gold amount that he steals from the rice country federal in New York storage bank this time only has 2500 tons, not 7000 tons of Zhang noodles.Is also say, the rice country is a gold of unique maintain, they adopted a custodian turned thief way and belonged to 4500 among those tons the other people's gold to carry on to transfer.
    But special kind metal and timber leave of have no how much, they respectively of amount about about 1500 tons.Explain they get stripe at this in be respectively consumed 10500 tons or so, they are consumed of amount than expectation of many 500 tons.Can see from here, Nikita Kucherov Jersey these two kinds of original materials indeed as expected included certain humidity and appeared to lack a catty of little two circumstanceses.Luckily the Yan flies for guaranteeing complete success, these two kinds of original materials respectively bought more 2000 tons.The otherwise unmanned machine is in the process of getting stripe in discover original material shortage, may appear not foreseeable and dangerous result very much.
    The Yan flies to accept all of the products that piles in the open on the group of islands into in general use space, discover that the in general use space is taken up very few one part.The physical volume of in general use space enlarges and starts making a show of a huge function, will fly for the Yan later of the activity bring huge convenience.
    After finishing taking all things, the Yan flies that a heap of gold brick of lookinging at the in general use space inside, there is a viewpoint in the heart.These gold bricks are what rice country's federal storage bank in New York is another nation and organization to on behalf maintains, Torey Krug Jersey they made them into particular shape while melting these gold bricks, and engraved to possess singly in each gold brick top Juan of coding.So though the Yan flies have already acquired these gold bricks,do not dare to use they go out, even all don't dare to let them to see light in the world here.Otherwise rice country affirmation will find out Yan to fly a body up, bring him big trouble.
    BE exactly in consideration of this circumstance, the Yan flew and then haded a plan.His heart reads a to move and quickly connect to assistance Zhi brain, discover that the operation speed that lend support to a Zhi brain indeed as expected became fast many.There is just no a concrete number comparison, he doesn't know how much the operation speed that lend support to a Zhi brain exactly increased as well.
    Then the Yan fly the beginning is lending support to set a kind of production craft in the Zhi brain, this kind of production craft is very simple, be gold gold the brick carry on re- melting, then become them to smaller gold brick.The Yan flies to do like this of purpose, the first for the sake of test small scaled production production process and efficiency between the cars.The second be for changing the shape of these gold bricks, once these gold bricks fly to on the market, the rice country could not realize these gold bricks be they throw to lose of those.
    This kind of gold melts a craft very simple, don't need to carry on further and lift purely to the gold again, and have a kind of template that carries on melting production to metal in the database lending support to Zhi brain.The Yan flies just to carry on on this craft template simple adjust, Tuukka Rask Jersey completed a gold to melt a craft.Immediately after this production craft in the middle of lending support to a Zhi brain already set, and pass to lend support to a Zhi brain to deliver a small scaled production car in.
    The Yan flew to set to like Steven Stamkos Jersey each production data and started clicking the production button of top.Discover that the small scaled production car in the in general use space starts sending out light white only, under a function of mysterious strength, the gold bricks in the in general use space start continuously flying into a small scaled production car inside.

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