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MB & F 52.WL.W Legacy Machines Replica watch


cheapest patek philippe replica In the last episode, we will sort out the remaining four series of Patek Philippe for you. These four series can be said to be Patek Philippe's most individual and most maverick, but also the four most like Patek Philippe.

The term Nautilus is translated as Nautilus (a marine mollusc that grows in the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean and has a smooth shell-like shape like a parrot's beak), so this series is also called Nautilus series. The appearance of this series is definitelythe heaviest of the Patek Philippe watches , so that it is also the most controversial. It can be said that there are relatively few people who like it more than others, but people who dislike it particularly. Really seen a lot. Of course, all the controversies must start from the time when it was born. This watch was born in the 1970s. It was an era of social and geopolitical upheaval. For example, the world economy saw the emergence of America, Japan, and Europe. The situation; the Bretton Woods currency system completely disintegrated; the establishment of the European Community; the proposal of De Gaulle; the emergence of even new trends; the birth of Punk; the end of the Cultural Revolution; Nixon's visit to China; The emergence of the years.

replica watches usa So from the perspective of age, it is not surprising that such a shape appeared. Of course, this particular shape cannot be created by the age alone. The designer is the key. To mention the designer ’s name, everyone knows it in the bezel. He is known as a watch wizard. Master Gerald Charles Genta (Zunda), a descendant of Italy, born in Geneva, has a profound knowledge of octagon, because he is the only one in the world who can design many styles with a single graphic, and the styles become eternal classic designer, respect for the masters in addition to the Nautilus this piece, Audemars Piguet ( Audemars Piguet ) of Royal Oak ( Royal Oak ); Vacheron Constantin ( Vacheron Constantin ) the Overseas (Thief); IWC ( IWC ) of Ingenieur (engineer) ; ( Omega ) constellation; Bvlgari ( Bulgari ) BB are all masterpieces, because so many octagonal models are so famous, so I always believe that the master must have a deep understanding of Chinese gossip Research. Although Master Zun has left us now, his works will always live in our hearts.

WatchAlthough the shape is important, but this series can be vertical and horizontal for almost 40 years, appearance alone is not enough. To succeed, material and application are the last word. The accurate birth year of the Nautilus series was 1976, which not only marked the beginning of Patek Philippe's production of high-end watches made of stainless steel, but also the integrated stainless steel case used in this series made it waterproof to a depth of 120 meters.

tag heuer formula 1 calibre 16 This depth was a sensation in the field of civilian watches at the time. The reason why this series will adopt such settings, it is really impossible to admire Patek Philippe's keen sense of trend. I said earlier that it was an era in which the world's political and economic structure changed. With the change of the times, people's lifestyles have naturally changed dramatically.
At that time, many wealthy upstarts liked to enjoy leisure time in addition to their intense work, and they preferred challenges, pursued a more dynamic lifestyle, and sometimes sailed out to sea; sometimes galloped in snowy mountains; sometimes swinged; sometimes And passion; in this way, those gold watches that are prone to scratches on the surface and can only be used as the first choice for elegant dinners cannot really satisfy these energetic CEOs and entrepreneurs. So the launch of this watch has achieved unprecedented success, and the two phrases "One of the most expensive watches in the world, made of stainless steel" and "It can be used with both a wetsuit and a tuxedo" slogans have also become Jina The famous slogan after the most classic slogan of Patek Philippe. So I think the Nautilus series is the most versatile series of Patek Philippe.
This 5711 is currently the purest model in the series.


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