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Cloud computing is nothing but a series of computers connected to a network. This can also be called as virtual servers. It has the ability to run a same program on all computers in the network at the same time. As this is virtual server, it saves time and gives more utility. The physical presence of infrastructure can be eradicated by using Cloud computing. The same server can be used by all computers and at all times. Some services of Cloud computing are

? Saas – which means Software as a service
? Paas – which means Platform as a service
? Iaas – Infrastructure as a service
? Utility Computing
? Web services
? Managed Service providers
? Internet Integration
? Service commerce Platforms – which is the blend of Saas and MSP

Its main advantages are broad network accessibility, usability at any time http://www.raidersrookiesproshop.com/ar … rs-jersey/ , elasticity, resource pooling and optimized resource utilization. In cloud computing, the organization can opt for Private clouds which will be used only to that particular organization, public cloud where the server will be shared by many organizations, Community cloud wherein the cloud will be shared by many organizations from one community or hybrid clouds which has two or more clouds merged together.

For controlling and applying the cloud resources efficiently on various projects http://www.raidersrookiesproshop.com/am … rs-jersey/ , one needs to know the nuances of it which can be got from doing a Cloud computing certification course offered by various training companies.

Chartered Financial Analyst

CFA is a professional certification given to financial analysts extended by CFA institute. This is considered as the highest level of certification by almost all organizations. For becoming a CFA charter holder one has to

? Hold 4 years of work experience
? Complete the CFA course ( training and examination )
? Become a CFA member
? Follow the rules and regulations of the CFA Institute

CFA course has been split into 3 levels. CFA Level 1 stresses on the tools and terminologies used by financial analysts and introduce the candidates to the asset valuation, reporting and analysis and portfolio management. Level 2 teaches in detail about asset valuation, various tools for reporting and analysis whereas Level 3 emphasizes about portfolio management, strategies and techniques in managing stocks, shares http://www.raidersrookiesproshop.com/al … rs-jersey/ , equity, income and investments etc.

Project Management Professional

PMP certification is considered a mandate for project managers these days by many renowned companies. PMP training is provided by companies as in house training as well as by many well known training companies. The companies motivate their employees by paying back their fees once they clear the examination and are PMP certified. The course handles the universally accepted terms and processes followed by all organizations. This tries to bring in uniformity in project management domain on a global level.
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