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vMedicines For Two:
At some time during lactation Sergei Fedorov Jersey , most mothers will need medicines to deal with an illness. Besides wondering how the drug will behave in your own body, you now have another body to consider. Most drugs taken by the mother enter her milk, but usually only around 1 percent of the dose appears in the milk. Here's how to safely take medicines while breastfeeding.

General Considerations
Before taking any medication during breastfeeding, consider the following:

* Will the medicine harm your baby?
* Will the medicine diminish milk production?
* Are there safer but equally effective alternative treatments?
* Are there ways to juggle medicine taking and breastfeeding to lessen how much of the drug gets into your baby?

You should be aware that advice for a mother about a medication is sometimes based more on legal considerations that on scientific knowledge. A physician who does not know if a drug is safe may tell the mother not to breastfeed. Pharmaceutical companies also legally protect themselves (with package inserts and in the drug reference book 'Physicians' Desk Reference') by advising a mother not to breastfeed while taking a certain drug. This precautionary advice is usually less expensive than researching how much of the medicine enters breast milk and its effect on the baby. As a result of erroneous advice given about a harmless medication, babies are often weaned prematurely, abruptly Petr Mrazek Jersey , and unnecessarily.

Juggling Medicine Taking and Breastfeeding
If you need to take a medicine, here's how to reduce the amount that gets into your baby.

Ask yourself if you really need the medicine. If you have a cold, can you achieve the same benefits by steam, extra fluids, and a tincture of time? Can you get by with a single-ingredient rather than a multiple-ingredient cold medicine?

Find out if you can delay your treatment. If you need a diagnostic procedure (for example, X-ray studies with a radioactive material) or elective surgery Pavel Datsyuk Jersey , can you wait until baby is a few weeks or months older? The drug may affect exclusively breastfed newborns more than an older infant who has alternative sources of nutrition and whose more-mature systems are better able to handle the drug.
Choose a medicine that passes poorly into your milk. Let your doctor know how important breastfeeding is to you and your baby and that you don't want to stop unless medically necessary. Your doctor can choose a medicine (such as an antibiotic) that passes poorly into your milk. Also, your doctor can choose an alternative route of administration so that more of the medicine gets directly to the site of the problem and less gets into your bloodstream. For example, instead of pills try locally applied creams for skin infections, inhalant medications for asthma or bronchitis, and decongestants sprayed into the nose instead of taken orally. Because they clear more quickly from your milk, short-acting medicines (taken three to four times a day) are generally regarded as safer during breastfeeding than long-acting drugs (taken once or twice a day).

Juggle feeding and medicine times. Ask your doctor when the time of peak concentrations is. (This is when the medicine reaches the highest level in your blood -- usually the same time that it's highest in your milk). Most drugs reach their peak concentration one to three hours after you take the medicine and are nearly cleared from the milk after six hours. If there is doubt about the safety of a drug Niklas Kronwall Jersey , try these tactics:

1. If possible, before beginning the medicine, pump and store a few feedings' worth of milk.
2. Breastfeed just before taking the medicine.
3. Take the medicine just prior to baby's longest sleep period, usually after the last feeding at night.
4. If baby requires a feeding within the next three to six hours, use the "safe" milk from your storage supply, or use formula.
5. Pump and dump. Because most drugs leave the breast milk as quickly as they enter it Nicklas Lidstrom Jersey , some authorities feel that waiting six hours is just as effective as pumping and discarding the milk, but pumping my help prevent engorgement. In addition, some fat-soluble drugs are stored in the fat of breast milk, so it may be helpful to pump and discard a feeding's worth of milk up to three or four hours after taking the medication.

This timing of the sequence is a general guide and may vary according to the type of medication and the feeding pattern of your baby. (Some radioactive medications may take twenty-four hours to clear your system, for example.) Check with your doctor on the best juggling schedule.

If the safety of a drug you must take is questionable, but medically your baby must breastfeed (for example Mike Green Jersey , baby is allergic to formula), besides observing the preceding juggling tips, consult your doctor about monitoring the amount of drug that enters your milk or baby's blood.

Most Common Medications
The following guidelines will help you when dealing with some of the most frequently used drugs.

Pain and fever relievers. Acetaminophen is the safest analgesic to use during breastfeeding; only 0.1-0.2 percent of the maternal dose enters the milk. Several doses of narcotic analgesics (Demerol, codeine, and morphine) after delivery or surgery may cause baby to be temporarily sleepy, but not enough to discourage breastfeeding. Prolonged use of narcotic pain relievers may not e safe during breastfeeding.

Cold Luke Glendening Jersey , cough, and allergy remedies. These nonprescription medicines are safe to take while breastfeeding, but observe the following precautions: Try single-ingredient medications (either decongestant or antihistamine, for example) before using combinations; short-acting medicines are usually safer than long-acting ones. Before bedtime, cough syrup containing codeine is all right; dextromethorphan (DM) is preferable. It is best to take these remeRoyals Claim Moscoso Hay.

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