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As long as you work hard

The gold night Ming says:"Chairman of the board, you just had already given offense to Ms. Cai Jin Yan, and still wanted to is big black pot of this to carry on the back on her, you not afraid does she make reprisals you?"
    What Han Jun Xi despised says:"The that Cai gold Yan is just a women folk, the hair is long, experience short.Don't experience what rains and winds, don't know a world as well of dangerous, so what all pay attention to rule, walk proper way.If our governors of great cold night country all handle affairs according to the spoilt daughter of a rich family's set road, we cold country early be perished by the northern strong enemy, how may develop a cold country now big country in the world like this?"
    The gold night Ming hesitated for a while and said:"Guiding Yan to fly to enlarge a wager is all right, but we basically have no how much , connect to used for this decisive battle to the USD 3,000,000,000 funds still Ms. Cai Jin Yan of wager think a way to raise together of.If the Yan flies would like to enlarge a wager when the time comes, Plantation shutters we where take so much money to come out and is he to the wager?If we take not to pay when the time comes, not is make us be getting more disgraceful ……"
    Han Jun Xi smiled to smile, then depressed voice and mysteriously said:"The decisive battle of this Tae Kwon Do and effort matters to us the national reputation of cold country, there are a lot of somebodies in domestic all is paying attention to this affair.You also know that there are a lot of spare moneys in those somebody's hands, they also want to participate in to come in wager one wager.Your real strenght everyone very clear, affirmation is is steady to win, so increment wager of money natural someone meeting, your task is to let the Yan fly increase a wager."
    Gold night Ming this just knows this back of the decisive battle to still stand so many influences, otherwise with the cold country Tae Kwon Do expansion alliance and Cai Jin Yan after death of influence, can not still be felling a country to attain so many skillful arrangements, let the Yan fly 1 line from get off the airplane beginning accident continuously, then weary and tired from travelling, can walk to rush through into casino.
    The gold night Ming says:"Are we the tallest to raise to arrive what extent if wanting the Yan to fly increases a wager?"
    Han Jun Xi says:"The funds that the my hand up controls now contain USD 7,000,000,000, so can accept Yan to fly to promote the wager to USD 10,000,000,000."
    The gold night Ming says:"But that Yan fly although is a China billionaire, there is one reducing weight biscuit marketing the whole world.But he makes good of time isn't long, only have how many months, he should have no so much money?"
    Han Jun Xi says with smile:"He has no money had better, so you can force him to take out the ownership of a share of dreamlike science and technology wager!The hen of dreamlike science and technology but the bottom gold egg, its ownership of a share is very worth money, regrettable that Yan flies but doesn't make anyone join from partnership and really make people sorry.We can not get at ordinary times where fear that a D orders the ownership of a share of dreamlike science and technology, isn't a best opportune moment now?"
    Gold night Ming this just knows cold country's those somebodieses incredibly stare at last the Yan fly of dreamlike science and technology, and skillful of ask for help of the opportunity of this decisive battle to force Yan to fly to take out the ownership of a share of dreamlike science and technology to the wager.Want ~only their plan success, nature ability dreamlike science and technology income bag in.
    The gold night Ming claps a chest to say:"Please stop worrying, I definitely incense Yan to fly with the speech and make him in a spot, he will definitely take out the ownership of a share of dreamlike science and technology and we to wager of."
    Han Jun Xi says with smile:"Gold night Ming, this affair pain you.As long as you work hard Plantation shutters, it lets the Yan flies to take out a company's ownership of a share to the wager, then fly Yan to vanquish and so compete after the be over you can get all 5%s of incomes, so you must encourage!"
    The incitement that is getting more beneficial, gold night the Ming become actively a lot of, he says:"Other aspects you are experts, I ain't equal to you;But in the aspects of competing to kill people, I am an expert, you aren't equal to I;You wait bottom and then see I am on the platform how fly that Yan to kill!

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