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occasion and pretend sleep soundly

The position of unmanned machine place is a submarine plain district, all of the bottom of sea are sea sands, the deepest place only has 450 meters, at the right moment can let unmanned machine temporarily stop here depend.The unmanned machine obscurely conceals in the bottom of sea of 450 meters, no one can discover its existence.
    Hence the Yan flies the bottom of sea of seeking a piece of and opposite flatness and stops unmanned machine here.Here have no bottom of sea turbulent flow, also have no large marine life, the unmanned machine will be very safe here.The unmanned machine current energy orders to still leave 5,000:00, if the unmanned machine didn't once do big action and just kept to stay in the bottom of sea immobility, will consume minority of energies to used for resisting sea water pressure, so completely can insist that the energy breaks instauration at 12:00 A.M..
    The Yan flies to handle a parking of very unmanned machine problem and just return consciousness to the corpus body up.Through the bottom of sea exploration of for the night, the Yan flies early utterly exhausted.Once consciousness return to an essence, he lies down to greatly sleep, had been sleeping till 3:00 p.m. a bed just.
    Two next insides, Yan's flying will operate every evening the unmanned machine goes in secret in the bottom of sea and investigate limitless ocean of wide Mao of secret.Arrived an end, the unmanned machine had already gone in secret 1500 kilometers to the east.This goes in secret all the way, lending support to the Zhi brain has already completed to survey and map to the geography of passing by the waters, there is this geography diagram, hereafter again through this waters can't be fond of a sail.
    And unmanned machine farthest the operation distance come to a 5000 kilometers of terror, so even if the unmanned machine is apart from Yan to fly essence 1500 kilometers, the slightest don't influence a his control for unmanned machine as well.
    In the process of investigating in, the quantum radar of unmanned machine discovered amount, numerous bottom of seas sink a ship and not only has the warship that the war is for time sunk by the shot, but also have several a hundred years ago delivered a sinking of merchandise ship.Although the Yan flies to know that these sink a ship to the point certainly have a great deal of wealth, but he can not carry on salvaging, the after all unmanned machine has no hand and foot, can not salvage those wealths to come up, can sorrily remember directions and wait until hereafter carry on again to salvage while having ability.
    The bottom of sea is investigating, the Yan flew to not only discover that the bottom of sea sinks a ship, but also experienced a lot of bottom of sea spectacular sights, there is even also the marine life that a lot of fronts didn't smell, these make him greatly open new vista.He now to the understanding of the bottom of sea world, still at a lot of ocean experts on.
    This evening, the Yan flies to still operate unmanned machine to go in secret to the east at the bottom of sea.Suddenly, the essence of home is outside spread by the house of the small voice wake up with a start, the Yan flies a surprised, consciousness right away regression essence.Discover the window of oneself being from the outside opened, then a person from climb into a house outdoors.
    The Yan flies an on every occasion and pretend sleep soundly, Plantation shutters just open eyes a blind side, peep a window there of circumstance.
    The window outside and obscurely climbs to come in a person, this person whole body black, was a top to also wrap black cloth, whole body top and bottom bare eyes and hand.This black dress person jumps down a window, on the ground on rolling, silently have no entering of voice interest house inside, the artistic skill is very nimble.
    Yan's flying don't move, the black dress person is to took a look the Yan on the bed to fly first after coming in, then the depending of the Nie hand Nie feet come over and take a piece of plain white cloth on the hand.He hesitated several times, finally will the face that that plain white cloth receive in the Yan to fly up.The Yan flies to suddenly open eyes, the Yang hand is an one punch, exact center that black dress person's belly.

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